Finnish Library Association

About FLA

  • lobbyist for public libraries in Finland
  • organises campaigns, provides decision makers with expert information on libraries
  • has about 1900 personal members, most working in public libraries; is a professional body, not a trade union; accepts non-librarians as members
  • has a light-weight organisation: Board, elected by the members at the annual meeting; the FLA’s office (four staff members working full-time)
  • has often a politician as President, other Board members are librarians or other library professionals ; the President from 1.1.2010 is Mr. Jukka Relander 
  • participates actively in topical debates; current discussions concern the role of libraries in the society, the development of librarianship and information studies education, and the image and status of library work
  • is a member of IFLA and EBLIDA, collaborates in Nordic and Baltic ventures, has more and more international activities
  • organises theme days annually, and the nationwide Library Meeting every two years
  • runs projects with various partners; for example with the Ministry of Education

Please see more information about public libraries in Finland.

Contact information

President Jukka Relander
Runeberginkatu 15 A 6, FI-00100 Helsinki, Finland

Secretary General Rauha Maarno
Tel. +358 44 7481801
Runeberginkatu 15 A 6, FI-00100 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 44 522 2941 (office)